To be Insane

Aditya Shah
2 min readDec 19, 2020

To taste sweetness on the lips of destruction

To walk into a fiery blaze blind to the pain

To smile at your own corpse covered in garlands of flowers

To be insane

A spider’s web separates sanity and mad-ity

Religions beg us to lock up those deviant thoughts,

Far into the abyss of the endless mind

Don’t they know?

There are no locks inside a mind

Yet we search for the key

Barriers are illusory

Does a mosquito repent for infecting a child with malaria?

Or does it simply play the part assigned?

The world needs mosquitoes for something (I guess)

What is our part?

Are we assigned to tightrope our entire lives

Between temptation and absolution?

Great thinkers talk about the zen of “just be” in the world

But the social machine doesn’t let one “just be”

Darwin got it wrong

It cannot be survival of the fittest

For how did the delicate rosebud survive the plague, the holocaust,

How is it the redwoods have been around before dinosaurs and continue to “just be?”

While the mighty dinosaurs perished

It must be survival of the harmonious

Survival of creatures who are willing to be destroyed

Who taste sweetness on the lips of destruction

Creatures that shed a seed to the unknown future

Trusting the wind to carry it to safety, the earth to protect it,

Willing to wilt and rot in the winter cold

And also willing to bloom again in spring

Creatures who trust life’s insanity

Who take what the earth gives them,

Not the other way around

Survival of the harmonious…

Maybe we were never built that way

To be insane



Aditya Shah

Husband, Dog-Father, Quantum Thinker. Founder, Juno's Pizza