Aditya Shah
1 min readDec 26, 2020


Destination 2021

There’s a growing dissatisfaction amongst us

We sit in traffic, but find no stillness

We search for love digitally, but the heart beats on analogue,

We had an unparalleled construction boom,
But you can forget about owning a home

We have a wider net of friends,
But shallower relationships
We are building smarter cities,
But our kids are getting dumber with pesticides

We can map the genome, cure cancer
But can’t manage a flu virus
We can beam Netflix to every device in seconds,
But, across the globe, people are laughing less

We try to harness wind, the sun, waves and mountains

We are going deeper in electrons

With bigger microscopes

Looking farther into space

With larger lenses

We are trying to conquer all of creation

Searching for something deep outside of us,

Completely ignoring what is within us

There are no new lands to discover,

If you wish to be the Magellan and Columbus of today,

The journey to take is within,

You must set the sail when the air is still,

Carry no supplies, have no map

For, in the journey of self discovery,

The ship never leaves the shore.



Aditya Shah

Husband, Dog-Father, Quantum Thinker. Founder, Juno's Pizza