“Not all who wander are lost”- J R Tolkien

If you’ve ever traveled you might agree with me, that the quickest way to really know a place is to get lost in it. Literally!

Its funny how the times one has been completely lost, harrowed, sweating and wide-eyed at the mercy of the “unknown” is when one finds what they are looking for and maybe a lot more.

Following structured maps gets you only from point A to B. But we stay totally oblivious to what’s in between the points and what’s beyond them.

Think back to a time you’ve…

In every happy moment,

I sense a sadness — arriving,

The higher the tree,

The lower the roots,

The more melodious the music,

The more the silent notes,

The more we crave love,

The more lonely we feel

The more we seek peace, quiet, inner joy

We impregnate chaos, noise and inner turmoil

One cannot exist without the other

The more we build up the need for one, so does the “other” grow

So we stop seeking, stop asking, stop wanting

We don’t accept or surrender, no purpose or playfulness,

There’s no word for it, and I can’t point directly…

Destination 2021

There’s a growing dissatisfaction amongst us

We sit in traffic, but find no stillness

We search for love digitally, but the heart beats on analogue,

We had an unparalleled construction boom,
But you can forget about owning a home

We have a wider net of friends,
But shallower relationships
We are building smarter cities,
But our kids are getting dumber with pesticides

We can map the genome, cure cancer
But can’t manage a flu virus
We can beam Netflix to every device in seconds,
But, across the globe, people are laughing less

We try to harness wind, the…

To taste sweetness on the lips of destruction

To walk into a fiery blaze blind to the pain

To smile at your own corpse covered in garlands of flowers

To be insane

A spider’s web separates sanity and mad-ity

Religions beg us to lock up those deviant thoughts,

Far into the abyss of the endless mind

Don’t they know?

There are no locks inside a mind

Yet we search for the key

Barriers are illusory

Does a mosquito repent for infecting a child with malaria?

Or does it simply play the part assigned?

The world needs mosquitoes for something (I…

Sitting between sand and sun
Pulled apart by sky
Strung together by ocean

Living life like a beach bum
Sippin on gold Jamaican rum
The sun baked my skin ruddy-brown

Eyes squint mischievously around
The White Sands Beach Hotel!
Daiquiris, red stripe, and jolly banter

Tony the bar boomer, concocts new ways to get us high
On a hazel deck chair I lie
Rasta-men sing Birds on a Wire

The smell of Marley dreadlocks loom the air
A Jamaican fruit seller hovers the sun
Haggles over prices with country flair

The silhouette shades us like a cabana
Smiling it asks us,
“Banana, papaya, marijuana?”

So, someone asked me the other day “what do you like about writing?” People can understand why anyone wants to BE a writer — it’s fun, creative, work, etc. But why do I LIKE it???

here goes…

Staring at a blank page is sort of like staring into the infinite — the inner self — the unknown. You and the page have the pre-supposed power to shape a generation, save a life, and make a child wonder. A rollercoaster ride where you can’t see the tracks ahead but you just go in the moment.

Anything can happen! The page becomes…

As explained in Part I, the principles for owning a ‘digital’ stock today is no different as it was 400 years back. Here, I’ll cover why the prices of our “shares” move so damn much and how we can find such powerful ships (companies) in today’s brave new world.

In the old days, the investors on-shore would get telegrams or messenger pigeons (I guess) or word from fellow sea-farers of status of the ship is in its current voyage: maybe it’s lost, maybe there’s a change of captain, or maybe they found more bounty than earlier planned.

If the news…

I’ve been investing in the stock market since 2013. I’ve always wondered how the idea of stocks came about. The origin of things intrigues me, pretty much like taking apart a radio when I was a kid to see how it worked or opening up a frog in biology class. Knowing how things originate has always helped me understand how it evolved to the present and possibility where it may go in the future. There’s too much talk of how to invest in stocks — financial ratios, investing styles, allocations, etc. — very little is spoken on how this party…

Aditya Shah

Husband, Dog-Father, Quantum Thinker. Founder, Juno's Pizza

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